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Amber Alert

Child Find PEI register's cases that meet strict guidelines

Must be a police case first

  • Call your local police and report your child missing
  • Once the police give you a case number, call your local Child Find office

Toll Free Missing Children's Line: 1-800-367-7962

What should I do if I think I've seen a missing child?

If you see a missing child:

  1. Contact your local authorities.
  2. Contact Child Find.
  3. NEVER confront the situation yourself. Allow the proper authorities to do that.
  4. Be quietly observant. Take down any license numbers that may be pertinent. Write down descriptions of the people who the child was with. Also, record the colour of the child's hair, eyes, and other distinguishing characteristics, if you are close enough to see. Although you may not be sure that the child you have seen is in fact a missing child, it is always better to be wrong than to have passed up an opportunity to bring a child home. Information you provide will be kept confidential if you desire.

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